On Being Single

While everyone else was having a date, I was having mine too, with Shakespeare and six of his plays. He always keeps me up all night, stronger than any brewed coffee would. While they were learning how to choose a perfect lip gloss or that perfect eye shadow to compliment their eyes, I was busy learning what “inverted idealism” is and differentiating it from naturalism. While everyone else was attending parties, I was attending Debate Club meetings, discussing about the basic Oregon-Oxford and the more advanced Asian Parliamentary. While they were writing testimonials for their boyfriends, I was defending my paper about the “image of Filipino women in selected short stories.” And lastly, while everyone has boyfriends, I have a book instead, to keep me awake until the wee hours of the night, to keep me company during the dull weekends, to sadden me or please me during rainy days, to confuse me, infuriate me, or to make me fall in love. So tell me, what’s the difference?

(original post date: sometime in 2005)


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