It starts with something small

Go. Two letters. One word. One syllable. So tiny, yet so powerful. It could take you to places you have never thought of visiting; make you do things that you otherwise won’t. It could lead you to that special moment in your life that you will remember forever. It could take you someplace else where you could forget about everything, even for just a while. It could give you the courage to ask her out for a few drinks and make an epic adventure together that you will tell your kids, who will go on and eventually tell their kids. “Remember that one night we just went out and danced and laughed all night and felt like everything didn’t matter and we were truly happy? Remember that night we fell in love?” It could start with that tiny little word. Go.

Let go. Five letters. Two words. Two syllables. Slightly longer, but vastly greater than Go. These words, they could free you. They could set out the path you will take for the rest of your life. They could transform the way you look at yourself, at other people, and the world. They could make you feel weightless or they could make you feel the weight of everything that’s important, for once. They could clear out the mess in your head and let you see the bigger picture. They could finally make you smile and enjoy that cup of coffee that’s been sitting on top of the counter you’ve been staring at for too long because it reminded you of better days. They could make you forget thinking about the better days in the past and look forward to the best days of your life ahead. Let go.

All great changes—they start with something small.


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