These things happen slowly

Evolution, whether you believe in it or not
All of my Chemistry classes in high school
And my American Literature classes in college
(I’m really sorry but my professor was terrible)
The traffic along EDSA at eight in the morning
And again at five in the afternoon
My internet connection back in 2004
Or even now at random times of the day
When you’re waiting for someone to say he loves you back
Or just to text you good night and give you butterflies.
These things happen slowly.

The line at the comfort room when you really need to pee
The elevator when you’re two minutes away from being late
The download of the latest Game of Thrones episode
When you’re dying to watch it already
That awkward job interview yesterday
And the even more awkward silence that happened after
The final realization that he won’t—
Say he loves you back, or text you good night.
The time it takes for you to really heal
And let him go.
These, too, happen slowly.


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