Letter to everything we once was

Dear you and everyone we know,

From here on, all that I will say is an understatement of who you are. How bravely you wake up each morning with fresh optimism to get through another day; how you tell yourself with such conviction that you are doing the right thing and following your heart.

There are not enough adjectives of encouragement to tell you how much you have lost, grown, gained and learned. There is no noun to correctly label you. Your existence should be your own label. Who you are, what you do, how you treat other people, especially those who mistreat you—those are what define you. Who you are right now—right this minute while you are reading this—is a testament of success from every ditch in the road that you have gone through by skipping over happily, instead of falling into.

You are greater than the world you think is too big and overwhelming. Don’t ever think otherwise. There is still time to chase your dreams. And there will always be time as long as you wake up each morning, do the right thing, and follow your heart.

Love always,
You and everything we could be


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