Happiness Is

Maybe the problem with us is that we like sadness. We adjust to it more easily than we do to happiness. We always say, “Well, things may never get better,” and we decide we’re okay with it, which is depressing. When something nice happens to us, we always think that it’s going to bitterly end soon and we can’t wait for it to happen, always expecting the worst. We tell ourselves, “It’s only downhill from here,” and again, we take it as our only reality.

But I cannot live in a world where sadness is a reality and happiness is a dream. Yes, it’s easier to succumb to the cold and harsh tempest of solitude, but maybe we just haven’t really appreciated the warmth that happiness brings—the kind of warmth that isn’t caused by only one person; the kind that comes from within ourselves, from having a peaceful heart and being forever at awe with the world and everyone in it.

Maybe the problem is that we are looking for happiness from a specific source, when the truth is it is all around us only if we open our eyes and heart. Happiness doesn’t always come in a big and fancy package. It may not be our childhood dream come true, gift-wrapped and especially delivered to our doorstep. But it is the sharp pain in your stomach from laughing too hard with good friends. It’s the little crinkle in your nose from smiling when random people greet you good morning; the pounding in your heart when you’re waiting for someone for a Sunday morning date. It’s being able to sleep in late during rainy days and enjoy the summer sun, getting a tan. Happiness is not the destination. It’s the entire journey.


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