Why I quit the social network cold turkey

In hindsight, it probably seemed more dramatic that it actually was. I dropped off the radar for a few days last week, and some people asked what that was all about. They were surprised. I deactivated my accounts in Facebook and Twitter. But how do I put it without sounding dramatic at all?

It was social network suicide. I wanted to prove that I have power over social network. I wanted to be strong enough to delete my account without worrying that my life would fall apart, or that I will lose contact with my friends (because I believe friendship goes beyond all forms of social network sites). I wanted to shove it up to the Man.

Wait, that did sound dramatic. But the long and short of it is, I wanted to disconnect from the world. Not merely log out. Really disconnect, when no one would be able to scan my profile as if they were going through my entire life. Disconnect from everyone and everything. And I did for a few days. And it was refreshing.

I reactivated my Facebook account after because I missed talking to friends from abroad. But my Twitter account, I have let go permanently. I’m re-learning not to write one-liners and actually compose a post long enough to make sense. It helps me keep my focus.

I’m thinking I should do this more often.


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