Most Inaccurate Self-Portrait

I have been trying my hands on watercolor the past few days. Why? I originally intended to use it to color the cardboard cd cases I’ve been designing for friends. Why? I wanted to make mix CDs for a number of friends and I wanted to customize everything down to the CD case design. Why? I had nothing to do last weekend. Why? I didn’t feel like going out on a Friday night. Why? It was raining.

So I tried doing a self-portrait earlier tonight. Why? I was curious at how it was going to turn out.

It’s interesting. This is possibly the most inaccurate self-portrait ever done by anyone in the history of self-portrait making. The only things remotely similar to the real me are the two moles on my right eye, and the current color of my braces. And my hair a little bit.

I’m going to redo this some other time, when it stops being interesting.

Weird braceface.

Original photo I based the drawing from.


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