Before I possibly go to jail

To say that today has been a sad day would be an understatement. The entire nation was threatened to be shut up by monsters who fuck things up unthinkably worse than any civilian’s comment or response in social networking sites. The sad irony is that also today, aspiring politicians filed their candidacy, excited and all giddy from their lust of power. I don’t know about others, but there is something very fucked up in that picture. But really, the saddest thing of all is that there are people who don’t seem to care that much. Seriously. And these are the people I see who post very personal, almost inappropriate status updates; people who write down nearly all their thoughts about random things and post it on their walls; people who don’t seem to grasp what privacy really means. These are the people who don’t care.

So who’s really to blame? The people who have a lot of stupid things to say on a regular day and decide to shut up when it really matters? The government who somewhat acknowledges this and didn’t think anyone would really pay attention to an issue this serious and scary? That one person who is so mind-numbingly incompetent that his actions are almost laughable if they weren’t so infuriating?

Personally, I hate this. I really hate this. And I think we’re all to blame, one way or another. Whether it’s posting something inappropriate, tolerating other people who do it, or worse, turning a blind eye to important issues—we have contributed to this entire mess. Granted, our leaders are not the smartest ones when it comes to public service. But if we think we are smarter or at least smart enough, why did we let this happen? Why did we let it come to this?



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