We are not broken

We are the What-Ifs personified. Those who have loved and lost; those who have loved alone, gained nothing and still lost everything in the process; those who have not tried but claimed to know the perils of being in love; those who have forgotten what it feels like and live in constant wonder.

Many think we’re weak, that we are near the edge and about to fall into an abyss that we have created ourselves. They are wrong. We are comfortable in the profundity of sadness and we understand happiness. Those make us who we are, not our broken hearts and our tear-soaked eyes. We are not broken so much as we understand ourselves better than other people understand themselves. It may be our biggest misfortune—to know who we are and what we want—but that knowledge does not break us.

The biggest sacrifice of knowing oneself is also the biggest prize. And so we are not broken. We are whole, only flawed, like everyone else. And we keep looking—not for the one who will make us complete, but the one who thinks we already are.


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