Look for the girl with the messy hair; it is that way only because she worries more about important things inside her head than outside it. She will engage you in conversations you never thought you will make. You will think nothing of her at first, but you will find yourself thinking about her more and more constantly.

She will get annoyed when you tell her she is beautiful because doesn’t believe in such shallow observations. You will disagree with her silently, resisting the urge to tell her that coming to the conclusion of how beautiful she is doesn’t come from merely looking at her, but from being entirely captivated by her presence.

Be careful about what you say about her, but not about your opinions on certain issues. She will appreciate someone who takes a stand about price hikes, climate change, and other global challenges. She will not, however, appreciate you making hasty judgment about these issues. Realize that she is somewhat difficult, but that this doesn’t bother you any more than knowing Santa doesn’t really exist.


Note that he is never bothered by the fact that you never remember to comb your hair; take this as a positive sign. He will try to figure you out—but not the version of you that most people think you really are. He will look at you with such tenderness, and you will feel that he really wants to get to know you. You will smile when he talks to you, and your heart will beat faster every time he mentions things you both find interesting.

Don’t try to tell him how cute he is, even if by “cute” you mean unaware by how interesting he really is. By now, he is used to girls wanting to marry him immediately after hearing him play his music. He will not care for it. He has more depth than people give him credit for. He doesn’t show it a lot, though, because people—mostly girls—don’t take the time to get to know him. They get one word out of him and they swoon, which he finds more annoying than flattering.

Understand that it is difficult for him to completely trust someone immediately, but that it doesn’t translate to not wanting to trust you. He will take his time and work with a quiet determination to make up his mind. Remind yourself not to worry that he doesn’t rush about these things because, at the end of it all, you appreciate him for it.


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