Drowning in words

One look at my blog and I am surprised that people don’t drown in the wordiness of my posts. Because sometimes I feel like I do. So to make up for all the crazy shit I’ve been writing about, I will share random photos of things I love. So here goes:

I curse A LOT when I play video games. So much so that my mother actually yelled at me to stop playing already just so I’ll shut up. I’m not proud of it, but how do you not curse when you play? I’m genuinely curious.

Some of the books I bought in January. Normally, I couldn’t afford to buy these many books in one go, but thanks to the GCs I won from the essay-writing contest, I could. 🙂

Eggs in a basket. Because where’s the fun in serving egg and bread separately?

I don’t have a sweet tooth, but holy mother of fuck, this is one of the best waffles I’ve had, ever.

When I’m bored or having writer’s block, I draw (I’m not good at it, though). Sometimes on paper…

…sometimes on our wall. Also, I love elephants.

The Pumpkins were a significant part of my childhood. I was excited to go to their concert, but typhoon Gener happened, so I wasn’t able to go. It still bums me out sometimes and I keep thinking about the quote, “The biggest risk is the one you didn’t take.”

I discovered The xx last year and they totally changed how I listen to music. I used to listen only to noisier stuff, especially when writing, but they are so unbelievably awesome. I like their first album more than their second.

Last year as a birthday gift, my friend treated me to see Phantom of the Opera at the CCP. Because I was used to working from home for the past year and a half, I felt a little uncomfortable going out in wedge shoes and a dress. If I had a choice, I would’ve worn sneakers. But alas, for the love of the show, I dressed up. My feet hurt like crap after, naturally.

Watching Friends every night is still part of my routine. I don’t consider it as an obsession so much as necessity to keep stress at a minimum.

There is something about Moonrise Kingdom that I cannot get over. Maybe I should watch the movie again to find out exactly what.


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