Brevity is the soul of wit

I know. The previous post was very verbose, and the lack of photos and variety in my blog make me sound more uninteresting than I probably am. I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again now. Here are photos of random things I love, with brief descriptions about them. And yes, the title is a quote from Hamlet.


What the house looked like when I moved in last year. I like black and the gloominess of it. Looks cozy lol


My favorite part of the house, for obvious reasons.


I’m back working in Makati. Not sure for how long, and that’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.


Cabin Pressure. The only radio comedy I listen to. It’s hilarious.


What else can I say? I kind of miss Singapore. Or maybe just the idea of being somewhere else.


One time when I was bored out of my wits, I drew the Cat in the Hat.

Books I bought with the GCs I won early this year.

Books I bought with the GCs I won early this year.


And the books I bought just out of impulse.


Together, they look like this. Arranged by color, not by height. Because it looks prettier that way.


Staple cure for being sad.


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