Star Stuff

There seems to be no shortage of communities upholding various causes, and all appear to be committed to letting the world know that they are not to be ignored. But I always find a flaw in the way they are so assertive about their belief system. There are times when I come across statements such as, “there is nothing wrong with being plus-size, you skinny bitch.” Or, “it’s okay to be gay so you should always stand up to bullies.” Being in a group that accepts you seems like a good idea, but I still see it as belonging to an exclusive club where there is always a villain. Why should there always be a villainous force that drives their passion? The world is full of separate groups who are united in their respective causes, advertising to the whole world how it’s okay to be them, regardless if everybody else disapproves, and for them everybody always does. For me, that’s still not unity.

I want to see, for instance, UFC fighters on the frontline of a Pride Parade, not because they’re gays, but just because they support the cause and it’s extremely fun. I’d like to hear Paris Hilton telling her fans that it’s cool to be plus-size or Mia Tyler saying that even though she loves her own body, it’s not a sin to be thin.

I’d like to see atheists telling believers that it’s okay to stick to their faith, just don’t discriminate. I want priests to preach to little kids about how wonderful the universe is, tell them how we’re all made of star stuff, just as Carl Sagan said, and that we’re all equally brilliant. I want it to be okay for someone to be a devout Christian and an accomplished gay scientist who believes in aliens, because why won’t it be?

I’d like for ‘Asian’ to label only a cuisine, nothing else. I want to know Black only as a Crayon. I’d like linguists to be as passionate in Maths as they are in language. I wish I could see astrophysicists going crazy over the latest episode of Girls, or over Arcade Fire’s new single, or because Benedict Cumberbatch is sexy. Why should there be a great divide between what is considered cool and uncool? As long as you’re passionately in love with something, it’s cool. And just because other people aren’t as passionate about what you love doesn’t make them uncool.

I’d love to see the day when we don’t need to make a big deal out of someone coming out of the closet, or make a headline out of the Pope playing with a random kid or kissing a leper on the forehead. Making these news implies that these things are so surprising that we must document it and announce it to the world, because who knows when it will happen again? I want to still be around on the first day when all of these are finally everyday occurrences, on the first real day when discrimination dies, and be able to proudly tell my kids decades later, “I was there when it happened.”


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