This Is Not a Love Poem

Dear You,

Someone sees you. You are not invisible. You are someone’s first thought in the morning, someone’s favorite daydream. Your name is a doodle on a notebook–scribbled along the margins where the most important thoughts go, written over and over, as if a prayer.

You are someone’s prayer–the amen in a childhood wish. You are the reason someone still wishes on shooting stars. Why they close their eyes, declare to the universe what they want, and say please.

You are someone’s definition of happiness. And love. And beauty. You’re the reason someone moves on from heartbreak–the sharp tip of an arrow pointing home.

Dear you, who sees the world go round and never notices that someone’s world turns around because of you. You are someone’s source of light, your smile lights up someone’s night and turns the spark in their heart into a wildfire. The sound of your voice is why the butterflies in someone’s stomach take flight.

Dear You,

Someone sees you. Look beyond the curtain of despair you have been hiding yourself from. There is a soft whisper of ‘i love yous’ rustling in the wind, hear it. Look for it in the stares of strangers wanting to know you. Feel it in the warm embrace of the sunlight every single day. Listen to it in your own heartbeat, in the inhale and exhale of your existence, the fight in your pulse.

Dear You,

You are not just another face in a crowd. You are not invisible. You are here. You are someone’s love letter to the universe.


5 thoughts on “This Is Not a Love Poem

  1. This would sound unnecessary but I had to leave a comment. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad I found this, it says a lot about how I feel lately, about being left out and ignored. It felt so real and made me a little hopeful. (and a little more hopeless again)

    Hi and I really like your posts, btw. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, Janina. I feel really touched that the post was able make you feel hopeful–even if just a little bit. πŸ™‚ I hope you keep finding beautiful things and people to remind you that you’re not ignored.

  3. You know you needed this if you fought the urge to sob loudly at every word. Thank you so much for this. Definitely sharing with everyone who has ever felt this way. ❀ More power to you! XXX

  4. 😍😍😍😍😍 heard this for the first time last night at #SetUsOnFire
    Thank you for putting into words what most people can’t say or explain. Thank you for being our “love letter”. Can’t wait to read/hear more from you & your team.

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