Much Like Love

Before I got my first tattoo four years ago, I was told how much it would hurt a lot, that there’s a 90% chance I’ll regret the design I chose, that it will look ugly on my skin when I’m 80, that it will always be a reminder of the bad decision that I made when I was younger.

Four years and three tattoos later, and I am still in love with getting inked. The biggest and most recent one I got, I must admit, hurt the most. One hour of the needle piercing your skin–it sounds bad, yes.

I can’t tell you, though, exactly how much it hurt. I could estimate the level of pain I was in, I could say it didn’t hurt that much, that the pain was tolerable, but I couldn’t remember exactly how much it hurt. Which brings me to my conclusion: pain is only temporary. No matter how much it stings, it will go away. That’s why there is rarely a person with only one tattoo. Because when the pain goes away, you will want to go through getting inked again.

Much like love.