FlatlineDid you know that when someone has a heart attack, that part of his heart dies? It stops receiving oxygen, so it stops pumping blood. A part of the heart actually ceases to work and exists only as scar from then on. So people who’ve survived multiple heart attacks could honestly say that only 70% of their heart is working. But the rest of the heart continues to work, it does what it needs to do to survive. It keeps beating. It acts like it’s still whole.

I’ve never had a heart attack. But every time you cheated on me, it felt like I did. Maybe it’s the reason I couldn’t breathe every time you told another lie, another excuse, another one of your I’m-Sorrys that you stack in a cookie jar. I always thought I was strong enough to handle heartbreak, but I never considered whether my heart could endure it. Perhaps this is why after the nth time, I can’t take you back anymore. Not because I choose not to. But because my heart could only take so much before it completely gives up.

And now all I can hear is the long beep when my hope flatlined.

Artwork by Jethro Lacson


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