Theory of Relativity


Einstein’s special theory of relativity states that people follow their own time
And that each person’s time could either be slower or faster relative to your own

This explains why the bartender is taking too long to get my drink,
And it has only been 10 minutes

And why—when my best friend decided to call it quits—
It took her just under five minutes to tell me how much she will regret
Choosing him over our five-year friendship

And why my brother spent 32 years enjoying his life
Annoying me for hours on end with his lamest jokes
But didn’t grant me even one minute to really say goodbye

My brother, he didn’t warn me that time was moving faster for him
That he was squeezing into moments all the life that he could

The special theory of relativity tells us that each of us
Moves in our own pace, has our own clocks we follow

And the speed at which people come and go
Is actually neither fast nor slow;
Just look out at a busy street from a coffee shop window

People—they happen to us regardless of anyone’s version of Time
They disrupt our own timeline, shaking the reality through which we move like a snowglobe
But this is why we learn to synchronize

This is why it took my brother all 32 years of his life to stay in mine
My best friend gave me half a decade and maybe for her that was enough time
And the bartender is still taking too long, but I bet in another five minutes
He’s going to give me a perfect drink

Artwork by Jethro Lacson


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