Good Mourning

When I go, I imagine it would hurt
But not like the hurt you felt when
You fell off your bike and skinned your knee
It would hurt like that time you found out
From someone else
That your mother had left for good

Like something heavy dropped on your chest
And you couldn’t breathe
Paralyzed from shock to even cry
But sometimes, there is no explanation given
When people or feelings die

Do not fall into the cracks of my shattered mind
There is no light down there
It isn’t always the case
Sometimes, relationships and people simply end

When I go, I imagine it would be the end
I wouldn’t live on through my poems
No one likes to dwell in someone else’s sadness
My book will have ended before it begins

Don’t start reading too much into my poems
There is no between the lines
I never intended to hide in metaphors
My pain has always been in plain sight

It has always been an extension of me
I clung to it even during my dark times
Weirdly comforted that it wouldn’t leave me
When everybody else already did

When I go, I imagine it would rain
BecauseĀ the sky couldn’t hold in its tears
When another one of its children
Decided it was too crowded down here

I imagine it would be fast
Life has already been too slow
We’ve all been too lazy to let go
And anyway, nothing ever lasts

And I imagine it would be ugly
Beauty never resides in rotting shells
I imagine the world would stay like this
Looking at me, but barely understanding

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