Tonight, the only thing between us is this music. The slow beat, the low humming, our feet moving in sync. There is nothing else here, no inhibitions, no fear, no second-guessing. We’ve already decided this.

And with one look, an invitation. Your eyes blur the sea of faces all around us. It was never a question.

I have always been drawn to you.

Always been drawn to how you turn on every light in me, how we clutch at each other’s smiles with our eyes, and how my mind rapidly declines reason here in our little world inside the spotlight. I’ve never wanted you more until this instance. But for now, all we have is this dance.

Tonight, the music is our compass. And it steers us closer towards each other. See, we’ve been lost before, sent off course by past lovers’ noise, pulled from all directions by misguided hands which only ended up hurting us.

We’ve run back and forth trying to find the right path to choose, tripped over countless mistakes, been caught up in an endless game of pursuit that left us winded, our lungs gasping for something more than air to keep us breathing.

But in this moment, with your hands on my waist, as our souls’ orbits entwine, slowing time, slowing everything in sight, I finally figured it out. Every movement our bodies make unfolds another layer of understanding, of “I knew it would happen.” Every eye contact is heavy with meaning, sweeter and more sincere than any form of love letter.

And as we dance, I know I’m not lost anymore. And you can call even the shortest strands of my hair home, you don’t have to worry anymore. With all my wrong turns and dead ends, I’ve been moving in your direction, led by music only our hearts know the beat to.

And this song only we could hear, could play on forever, and the world can keep on turning. But I’ll never be off track again. Because I finally know what all that running was worth—finding you, finding my true north.

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